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Where is Your Business Headed?


FMC has helped Entrepreneurs in become more structured and self-reliant. Re-think, re-build, and streamline your business for a more profitable, growth-sustaining future.

Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisors are experienced and passionate about small business. Connect with our team and create a solid foundation for growth with support, direction and assistance given. Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are fast-moving, risk-takers. To be successful, they must continuously shape their visions to see opportunities. As their trusted advisers, we work side-by-side with business owners as they achieve their financial goals by providing business consulting and succession planning.

Business Consultancy

  • Start a Business
  • Run Your Business
  • Grow Your Business


Human Resource Consultancy

  • Job Competencies
  • Job Evaluation & Job Description
  • Policies & Procedures


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